Crazy8's 2021 Film Competition - My team made the top 13!

December 2020

Each year 6 filmmakers are chosen to dive into 8 days of filmmaking in order to create a short film.

My team is currently in the top 13 with a list of amazing Vancouver talent. Go to @crazy8sfilm on to follow along and see if we make the top 6! The announcement will be made on January 19th, 2021.

We want to put together a great team. Is that person you?

Meanwhile, we will be looking to put together an all-star crew to make this thing happen. Shoot dates are February 19, 20 & 21. Wanna join our team? Shoot an email to and make sure to share why you want to join our team and your CV.

What's our project about?

iDorothy is a grounded sci-fi thriller about a lonely widower who uploads his dead wife's consciousness into an AI to get a second chance at love, but when the AI retrieves all her memories, she learns the terrifying truth.

Who is my team?

Download Joy Productions Inc is a Female-owned Canadian Film Production company created by Luvia Petersen, Huelah Lander and Amanda Konkin